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Make it a Night to Remember

We can help elevate your Childs birthday party, Mommy/Daddy & Me Sleepovers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, girls night, and fun for your entire family & friends


Peachy Themes

Packages Starting at $200

What does our Just Peachy Teepee Collection Include:

  • Delivery, set up, styling, and take down

  • Twin air mattress

  • Fitted bed sheet

  • Pillow with pillow protectors

  • Light weight throw blanket

  • Decorated pillows

  • Individual bed tray 

  • LED Lantern or nightlight

  • Mini frames 

  • Sleep Mask *can be personalized for an additional fee*

  • Fairy lights available upon request

  • Decorative Pennants/Garlands

  • Decorative accessories and/or vase with flowers 

  • Rugs

  • Scattered balloons (colors based on theme)

Our Sleepover Teepees Parties Packages start at:

$200.00+ for 2 Teepees

$350.00+ for 4 Teepees
$450.00+ for 6 Teepees
$600.00+ for 8 Teepees

$750.00+ for 10 Teepees

Additional Teepees $75 each

Taylor Swift Themes are subject to an additional $50 fee

Want to add party favors to your sleepover?
Add a special touch to the night with a personalized
 eye mask and a canvas bag for each guest with their name. Party Favors are $12 each.

Add more fun to your Peachy Teepee Experience
Let us know what you're interested in to create a custom bundled price!

Pair with our Spa + Photoshoot Peachy Pampered Package

Cotton Candy, Popcorn, or SnowCone Machine

Soft Play for the littles

Indoor/Outdoor Picnics

Toddler Inflatables

How much space is needed?
Each teepee + mattress is about 7ft long and 4.5ft wide, and are 5ft high. We can arrange in various configurations (line-up, semi-circle, aisles) depending on your space.  Please remember to allow space in front of the teepees for guests to access their teepees. Each teepee set up requires a minimum of 4.5ft x 7ft. If you are unsure if you have enough room, don’t hesitate to contact us with your room measurements.

*Website pictures are used as reference and may not be an exact replica.*

Themes: Ahoy Pirates, Arabian Nights,  Boho Vibes*, Butterflies + Flowers, Candy Land, Classy & Sassy*, Cozy Camping, Encanto, Enchanted Fairy Garden, Frozen, Siesta Fiesta, Glamping/Lumberjack, Game Zone, Galaxy Space, It's Movie Night Y'all, L.O.L Doll Surprise, Mermaid Magic, My Little Tea Party, Paris Oh Lá Lá, Preppy*, Sports, Superheroes, Sweet Dreams*, TikTok, Tropical, Unicorns + Rainbows, Winter Wonderland, Taylor Swift The Eras Tour

Custom Theme available upon request


Contact us for a bachelorette party or adult theme!

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